peanuts salted sales centers

Our company is one of the peanuts salted sales centers and distributes this product to the market at a reasonable and up-to-date price, so that it even has many fans all over the country and in European and Asian countries. For more information on peanuts salted sale visit our site.

peanuts salted sales centers

what are different types of peanuts?

what are different types of peanuts? These delicious nuts expand the body’s arteries and facilitate blood flow and prevent blood clots and stroke. Peanuts are good for the lungs and spleen and raise good cholesterol. Peanuts relieve stomach pain and are used as breast emollients and relieve dry cough. Four types of peanuts are more popular:

  • 1 Spanish
  • 2 runners
  • 3 Virginia
  • 4 Valsina.

There are also Tennessee red and white varieties. Special types have special applications due to differences in taste, fat content, size and shape. In most cases, the different types are controversial. Most peanuts traded with the shell are Virginia and some Valencian varieties. These species were chosen for their large size and attractive shell appearance.

Spanish peanuts are mostly used in peanut desserts, savory nuts, and peanut butter, and most of their rolls are used to make peanut butter. The different types of this fruit are distinguished by branch growth type and length, and there are many types for each type of nut. The peanut fruit is about 4 cm long and has a brittle yellowish gray shell. There are one to three protrusions on the shell, each indicating the location of the grains. Peanut seeds are almost yellowish white, like hazelnuts, but oval. The thin crust covers the reddish brown seed.

Peanuts available in the market are divided into two groups, Iranian and foreign.

Iranian peanuts:

  • 1 peanuts Ashrafieh threshold
  • 2 Pars Abad peanuts, Moghan plain
  • 3 peanuts Mino Dasht Gorgan
  • 4 Other peanuts grown in the country

Foreign peanuts:

  • 1 Chinese peanut
  • 2 cashews
  • 3 Sudanese peanuts
  • 4 Iraqi peanuts
  • 5 Uzbek peanuts
  • 6 Egyptian peanuts

The amazing properties of peanuts are very diverse, making this fruit one of the most nutritious foods. Features such as reducing stomach pain, improving cough, fighting Alzheimer’s due to niacin, fighting anemia, supplying oxygen to the blood, improving bone condition, strengthening the lungs, regulating blood sugar, preventing obesity, fighting depression, fighting constipation, preventing intestinal cancer and blood clots.

struggle … As a muscle builder, peanuts and increasing protein absorption are a good option for snacking athletes, especially bodybuilders. Peanuts are also high in iodine and are recommended for people with goiter.

The consumption of honey peanuts increases the properties of peanuts. Delicious and healthy snacks that increase your energy level, prevent heart disease, relieve daily fatigue, strengthen the immune system, control blood pressure and fight depression. The combination of peanuts and honey can be part of the diet as it satisfies and prevents overeating. For more information on the Best salted peanuts in shell visit our site.

peanuts salted for sale in Asia

peanuts salted for sale in Asia Peanuts salted for sale in Asia are distributed by our collection, which has a good price and high quality of this product has made it have fans in many Asian countries. Therefore, you can buy this product at a good price.

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