Shelled Peanuts Direct Supply

There are currently many stores offering shelled peanuts. According to the preparations, Iran sends peeled peanuts in high tonnages to other countries every year. Because Iranian manufacturers have been able to satisfy foreign customers and their quality products.

 Shelled Peanuts Direct Supply

What’s the Benefits of Shelled Peanuts?

What's the Benefits of Shelled Peanuts? Shelled peanuts benefits :Types of peanuts: Coiled Peanuts come with a main coating that has a thick light brown skin. There are an average of 2 peanuts in each pod. Most shelled peanuts are in Chinese market. And Iranian peanuts often become nuts. Peanuts are salted in the same way. And it becomes delicious crispy.

Astana Peanuts (Persian): This type of peanut is often ground (without husks) and is offered in the form of salt and roasted data. Beans are medium in size and have a thin skin with an onion skin and a bone-colored core. This type of peanut is cultivated and processed on the eve of Ashrafieh in Gilan, although in recent years peanuts have also been cultivated in the Moghan Plain. The web is processed on the threshold.

The taste of this peanut is delicious and it is better to peel its thin skin first and then eat it to eliminate the bitter vein. Iranian peanuts expire quickly due to production restrictions, and after a few months, foreign (mostly Iraqi) peanuts go to the province and are processed and sold under the name Astana. The best and most expensive type of peanut is Astana peanut.

Chinese peanuts: This type of peanut is larger than Iranian and is almost uniform. And the more the merrier. Most peanuts on the market are Chinese. Its rawness is a bit bitter in taste, which of course is partly due to its thin skin. Chinese peanuts are imported raw and processed in Iran with different flavors: salty, sour, spicy, salted, etc. When roasting this product, if it stays in the pan longer and becomes so-called two fires. The brain becomes light brown and brittle. Of course, it loses more of its properties.

The Best Effects of Peanuts on Females

The Best Effects of Peanuts on Females Peanuts for women:

1. Peanuts with shell uses are an excellent source of folate. Folate-rich foods are highly recommended during pregnancy, and peanuts are one of them. Each 100 grams of peanuts can provide about 60% of the daily requirement of folate. Everyone knows that folate is very important for fetal growth, especially in the first trimester.

2. A natural source of plant protein Protein is essential for the mother during pregnancy, and every 100 grams of peanuts is high in protein and provides a significant amount of daily protein requirement.

3. Prevent congenital defects Congenital malformations can occur when fetal growth is impaired or the nutrients needed for fetal growth are lacking. Peanuts are rich in vitamins and minerals that are great for pregnancy. Substances such as folate, which are involved in fetal growth, and minerals such as iron and calcium, which help store red blood cells.

4. Increase brain growth Peanuts are a great food for the brain. During pregnancy, the fetus receives food from the mother, and the folate consumed by the mother is beneficial not only to the mother but also to the fetus’s brain. If you want to have a healthy and smart baby, eat peanuts during pregnancy.

5. Calorie source for mom Calories need to be different for each mother, but calories are essential as an energy booster. The mother may get tired early during pregnancy. Peanuts can help provide energy.

6. Healthy fats Not all fats are bad, and peanuts contain healthy fats that are good for the mother during pregnancy. Healthy fats are great for boosting heart health because mothers are at risk for high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Supplying Shelled Peanuts Directly

 Supplying Shelled Peanuts Directly This site is engaged in the sale of peanuts and its varieties. The people in our collection are working hard to satisfy you. Although you intend to buy, you can buy through this store. It will reach you as soon as possible after ordering the product.

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